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Our Team offers end-to-end support to help drive your project from concept to reality.


Luna Development technical team deep dives into clients requirements to deliver the best final product possible!


We report back to you about your development progress, every week.

We Provide Blockchain, Consultancy and Development Services.

Strategic Partnerships

Our team offers strategic partnerships with pre-seed Investors and other capital firms.

Platform Support and Management

Luna Development also provides platform support and management services

Business infrastructure for Crypto payments

We help implement and support crypto infrastructure for all businesses to start taking digital payments


Luna Development specializes in blockchain development and design services.

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Benefits of Blockchain For Industries

Reduce Risks

The use of Blockchain in businesses would help to streamline processes and boost accountability. This would result in a reduction in the number of recalls that have to be handled by the business, which will in turn boost trust in the business and the generation of revenue in general. Conflict resolutions can also be automated, eliminating the possibility of oversight and allowing for better data collection and analysis.

Optimized Speed of Operation

Blockchain technology makes use of multiple computers working together to complete tasks. This allows processes to be completed much faster, saving you valuable time and resources. Blockchain technology can complete tasks in a fraction of the time it will take to do them traditionally. As Blockchain takes out the need for an intermediary in transactions, operations are carried out significantly more speedily.

Creates Trust

Blockchain helps to establish trust between clients and customers even without any prior contact. This is one of the most referenced benefits of trading with cryptocurrency as transactions carried out via crypto are handled by immutable technology that can be trusted rather than by individual merchants.

Improved security

Systems built on Blockchain technology are extremely secure due to the decentralized nature of Blockchain. Records of transactions on the Blockchain are unalterable as these records do not exist at a single point. This makes systems built on this technology almost impossible to hack as opposed to traditional computer networks.

Work with Luna Development, The Leading Expert
in Blockchain consultancy and Development

Luna Development’s global team of experts is experienced with Blockchain
Development, Marketing, Platform support and Management

Blockchain Development

Blockchain development refers to the process of building a shared, irreversible distributed ledger system (DLT) that safely records data and monitors assets inside a system, whether certain assets are actual, like money or real estate, or immaterial, like patents. At Blokwaters we specialize in the development of blockchain for our customers to help create a safe system of payment.

Platform Support and Management

Blokwaters help our customers execute all forms of platform support management for users’ experience. This process involves troubleshooting, resolution of technical issues, provision of users support and assistance, maintenance and platform update and managing the overall performance and reliability of your  platform.

Business Infrastructure for Crypto payments

In the same manner as transaction processors, channels, and purchasing bank credit cards are used, cryptocurrency payment gateways are payment processors for virtual currencies. Blokwaters provides a crypto payment gateway for your business infrastructure.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships is a commercial collaboration that involves the allocation of resources between two or more people or organizations in order to benefit everyone involved is referred to as a strategic partnership. Blokwaters help connect businesses for effective collaboration to maximize profit and sales

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